Information for advertisers.

Interested in Advertising on Broad Street Review?

We welcome advertising on our site and newsletter, which is one of the ways we fund our content and general operations. Support may come from corporations, nonprofits, universities, foundations and associations.

Advertising Rates

• 120x240 banners are $100 per week, or $360 for a full month.

• 160x240 banners are $150 per week, or $540 for a full month.

Twitter advertisements are $25 per week (three Tweets/ week), or $90 for a full month (three Tweets/ week for four weeks). Maximum 135 characters (including spaces).

Newsletter banners are $300 per issue, or $1,080 for a full month or four issues. Our popular newsletter is read by more than 20,000 people in the Greater Philadelphia region every week, while a thousand people read and interact with our arts coverage every day.

Technical Specifications 

Site banners may be either 120px x 240px or 160px by 240px.  Newsletter banners are 468px x 60px.  All images must be gif or jpg and the file size MUST be 35k or less.  At this time, we do not serve Flash banners or popups.

Our Audience 

Our readers are highly educated, eager to see new productions and interested in the arts community in and around Philadelphia: 

• Most readers are older than 45.

• More than 50% earn $80,000+ a year.

• They visit Broad Street Review several times throughout the week.

Additional Information 
Broad Street Review advertisers are eligible to place a banner on our site and in our newsletter.  All banners must conform to our technical specifications and are subject to review. Our policy is as follows:

All online banner content, including those running via third party ad servers, must meet standards set by Broad Street Review. We reserve the right to edit or reject banners on the basis of the following:

• Contain fraudulent or misleading statements or illustrations.

• Contain libelous content or are personal attacks.

• Contain abusive language or images that are offensive to good taste.

• Are banners that do not contain the name of the sponsor.

• Violate state and federal anti-discrimination laws.

• Contain information that runs contrary to our purpose and mission.

If you’d like to become a Broad Street Review advertiser, please contact us You can send your banner along with the number of weeks you’d like it to run.  Please also list the URL that the ad should point to. Specify your preferred run dates and whether you would like exclusive placement (yours will be the only one on the page for an additional fee).  Three-day lead time required for all site banners, one-week lead time for newsletter banners.

If you plan to send a check, please indicate this in your message and tell us when you will be mailing payment. Otherwise, we will send you an invoice along with a link to our online credit card payment system.

For more information, contact our Sponsorship Department at:

Advertising Department
Broad Street Review
1315 Walnut Street, Suite 904
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Tel# 215-735-1455